Sunday, 27 October 2013

Get yah motor running

Boys an girls .. I love my cars an bikes. an at one point I built them my self.  I have many from all over sl... But they mean nothing compared to LOBO Customs.

I love the small details. Doors opening .. Beautiful engine inside the bonnet , Epic speaker system in the boot.  If that inst enough,  it handles like a dream. custom made textures an body work.

You are not getting cheep remakes here.

Don't throw money at rubbish an there not even over priced.

Make sure to common over an check them out

Limbo here Lobo Customs

The car you see here is also limited edition Halloween noddle ... once the demons an undead have visited us they will forever take its epic-ness with them back to hell.


For those of you who don't know me, I love costumes ^.^ I think I have more then I could ever possibly need.  Monster ones, super heroes an Animals. So i was having my morning cup of tea browsing MP as a good shopaholic does, when I come upon a new froggy costume .... An its in blue (insert boys cheering here ) so instantly I drop it into my basket an rush to try it on inworld.  Now I already knew the quality was going to be good having purchased many costumes from this creator already.  If you haven't checked her out make sure you do not only is she imaginative but also a nice person.  Nothing more irritating then arrogant designers.  Anyway lets get to the picture so you can see.


But also go have a look around the inworld store here {PiPo}

Friday, 25 October 2013

Rock On!!

In the world of pink the battle for rock is a hard an lonely one ... I have found a allie in the battle. We need you to join us in the battle again the evil pink an frilly-ness that is tainting sl an making it ... makings it .. well makings it girly.

I'm am proud to introduce an awesome designer to TimmyTime - קαгқєг (parkerraine)
I have bought many of her tops but this one is definitely my favourite.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tiz soon the season to be shopping

Soo many goodies being released this week. From costumes to winter wear, and some very epic punky/goth tops what i will blog later.  So to the main attraction.

The item i wanted to share with you all today comes from
BabySteps,  an awesome coat set for boys an girls, the brown an green texture tho simple look top quality, pared with striped leggings an rigged booties, girls out there you get bows too but i could not bring my self to wear them.
The cute mittens are from the Halloween gotcha trick or treat event. if you haven't herd or it or visited by now where have you been ?
OK so i guess i need to show you a pic, I'm proud of this pic too for those who want to learn to do photos, i say get a program an just press buttons you never know what cool effects you may find.

If you would like me to blog anything, please feel free to contact me in world (LittleTimmyTucker) but! please understand if i don't like it, how can i possible blog it? this isn't a blog for freebees things i blog i stand behind %100

Monday, 21 October 2013

I Love Halloween

I Love the Halloween season, maybe because i'm a bit of a goth/rocker.. but anyways with soo many epic hunts an tick or treats in second-life, i was taking a brake from unpacking all the boxes an bags an browsing marketplace and i came upon some very very ,,, very girly chairs....  Now its hard for us boys .. sl lacking in most things male.  Anyways i messaged the creator an sent a plea asking for a nightmare before Christmas chair. And to my surprise the lovely Eeilee offed to make me one .. an i might add at no added cost, yes this chair is now available for perches on MarketPlace or InWorld. There are many available an with 17 very well made poses in them, all for the very affordable price of 150 linden's it's almost a crime not to have one.